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Why so Many References to "The Occupy Movement"?

Why so many references to "The Occupy Movement"? Isn't OWS (Occupy Wall Street) fundamentally distant from a RBE (resource based economy) since most of them are not educated on the root problems? Please let's stop equating TVP (The Venus Project) and TZM (The Zeitgeist Movement) with OWS since they are as fundamentally distant from each other as a RBE is distant from a monetary economy.
Without all the ideas around a RBE (the sustainable ideas) and just taking the RBE framework: It can be said that a RBE happens everyday with your children, friends, family, loved ones, etc... ones we call in "our circle".

In other words, when your child asks for a bowl of cereal, you don't charge her for that. You make sure you have the available resources: a bowl, spoon, cereal, and milk and if you have it then you pour him a bowl.

Likewise when your friend needs help moving, you don't charge him. You make sure you have the available resources; in this case "your time". There is no middle man dealings. The only question is "do you have the resources?". The RBE already works in everyday life in limited pockets of people we call "loved ones".

Based on this definition, one can say we are already transitioning into a RBE through the occupy movement.

Most of humanity agrees that the monetary system should be here, how do I know? Because it's here. Yet, that idea is changing, how do I know? Because the occupy movement is growing everyday. People's collective values are changing and therefore their actions are changing.

The resource based economy is about a value shift, not only about a new economy and sustainability. Once the majority of values change, the resource based economy will naturally unfold based on those values. A resource based economy requires the collective to have the value system of "one world; one humanity". That is all we all have to agree on. If that value system is active in the collective, everything else a RBE offers and all the ideas around it will naturally unfold because the main value system and goal of "one planet, one species" is established.

And based on the occupy movement growth, it seems to be shifting into that.

Anything towards a sense of community; giving and providing for each other in whatever ways we can. Enlarging our idea of 'our circle' and family. Through the occupy movement they are feeding the homeless in NYC, standing together with support for all occupies and all people, even the police who seem a threat to the occupy are seen as one of the 99%.

So this is a huge step in evolution and toward the needed value system! Still the mind-set of "us versus them" (99% versus 1%), but it is a required step in evolution to start joining together for the whole of humanity. The world doesn't realize itself as one and start moving in that direction without cause, it has to be a process. Now this "99% versus 1%" allows the window for the last step "one world; one humanity". Without the '99% versus the 1%", this evolutionary change couldn't happen.

So let's not forget that we are all on the same team here. Our value system only needs to go past the ideas that somehow the occupy movement is separate from us. The needed value shift is the acceptance that "they are us and we are them" hence we are all human. Where is the dividing line except in thoughts and ideas that only exist in the limit mind of uneducated understanding. Education is always key.

Yes actions are equally important but actions are motivated by education. Once one is educated they have no choice but to act based on that value system and that programming. Actions are in direct link with values and values are in direct link with our conditioning (learning/ education). So actions are not something we do but something we arrive at once educated. The education is the action. It's all linked, not separate. One who is extremely educated has no choice but to act based on that value system. When the action arises that we can take a step further and start building a resource based economy, we will arrive at that and it will obvious.

A new thought can't come from nowhere-land and all a sudden you think differently. It comes from being exposed to different people and different cultures saying different things than what you previously were exposed to. Coming from this perspective, perhaps we can learn a little something from this label we call "the occupy movement". After all, what it is, but us, our collective actions speaking together for change. We use all these labels as if they are separate and we are separate from this whole of humanity. A resource based economy value system sees the whole of humanity as family. For that is our true state without all these labels we identify with.

"Once we join together and proclaim all earth’s resources as the common heritage of all people (A Resource-Based Economy), we will begin to know what it means to be civilized. Until that time we will be continuously fighting for a piece of the pie." ~The Venus Project
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"The system I advocate A Resource Based World Economy is not perfect! It’s just A LOT better than what we have, we can NEVER achieve perfection!" ~Jacque Fresco

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