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Occupy the Future: Jacque Fresco, Renowned Futurist to Address Occupy Miami (DATE: Nov 20th, 2011 - LOCATION: Government Center)

For a video of this visit and a followup interview by V-Radio, please click here >>>

Occupy the Future: Jacque Fresco, Renowned Futurist to Address Occupy Miami
DATE: Sunday, November 20th, 2011
TIME: 4:00pm
LOCATION: Government Center – Water Fountain near West Lawn. NW 2nd Street and NW 2nd Ave.

America’s Occupy movement challenges deeply held beliefs and generations of conditioning that lead people to accept the rampant corrupt, inequities, environmental pollution, and abuses happening today. World-renowned futurist, Jacque Fresco, has dedicated his life to envisioning the alternative – a global society based on a peaceful and sustainable civilization. It is unlike any social design that has gone before. All things change including social systems.

Mr. Fresco, together with fellow futurist Roxanne Meadows, will address the Occupy Miami populace at the occupation, at Government Center’s West Fountain, NW 2nd Street and NW 2nd Ave, on Sunday November 21, 2011, at 4:00 p.m. EST. Paid public parking is available at Government Center and in the adjacent downtown area.

Fresco, a specialist in industrial design and social engineering, offers fundamentally different approaches called The Venus Project that updates our social system to our technological age and our ability to produce abundance for all people. He will introduce a global vision of sustainable green cities, a resource-based economy and changing human values. Since 1944, Mr. Fresco has lectured in over 30 countries, authored four books and has been a long-standing subject of publications, television interviews and documentaries. The Venus Project is located in a 21-acre research facility in Venus, Florida and reflects the culmination of his life’s work. For more information on The Venus Project, please visit: www.thevenusproject.com.

We welcome everyone to participate in this momentous occasion as Mr. Fresco enlightens us about the positive possibilities of our future. Mr. Fresco’s talk will be followed by open Q&A.

"Once we join together and proclaim all earth’s resources as the common heritage of all people (A Resource-Based Economy), we will begin to know what it means to be civilized. Until that time we will be continuously fighting for a piece of the pie." ~The Venus Project
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"The system I advocate A Resource Based World Economy is not perfect! It’s just A LOT better than what we have, we can NEVER achieve perfection!" ~Jacque Fresco

T.V.P. & T.Z.M. Response to The Occupy Movement

The Venus Project realizes the significance of the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Together movements and offers a positive solution for their grievances.

We at The Venus Project fear that any acquiescence to the protestor’s demands will do very little if the processes that cause the problems are left in place. In this case whatever laws or regulations are made will be eventually bypassed or overturned and conditions will revert back. This has almost always been the situation historically.

We are concerned that meeting the demands of the protestors while keeping the current economic system in place will not have the desired outcome. It will merely serve to temporarily... Continue >>>

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