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Investigating Behavior ~Jacque Fresco

Topics covered in this video: 
  • Human behavior.
  • Mapping the mind versus knowing how things work.
  • The brain reaction in relation to the environment.
  • Environment and interconnection with humans.
  • Instincts versus learning through experience of the environment.
  • Neural associations.
  • Tools of reason.
  • Answers versus lectures.
  • Language and primitive reactions.
  • Teaching children versus teaching adults.
  • Knowing more information = noticing more details and connections.
  • Human nature versus human reaction to the environment.
  • Relevant actions and irrelevant actions

Topics covered in this video (Part 2): 
  • Fixed behavior / Altering patterns.
  • Learning through reaction.
  • Projecting meaning and reasons.
  • Human projections versus human reaction.
  • Needs in relation to love.
  • Knowing through experience versus inheriting knowledge.
  • Talents versus physical structures.
  • Not separate from environment.
  • Inventive mind = tools and relevant questions.
  • Knowledge is: Experiment/ research = starting from "I don't know".
  • Purpose versus cause.
  • What is the true nature versus what is your response to nature.
  • Absolute truths.
  • Being reasonable and giving attention.

Topics covered in this video (Part 3): 
  • Let's reason = see it my way.
  • Constructively speaking versus saying nothing.
  • Communicating language versus controlling behavior.
  • Most language is saying nothing.
  • No judgement through understanding upbringing/ environment conditioning / culture influence.
  • Professions versus generalist.
  • What is qualification?
  • What is the brain and what is the mind?
  • How associative memory works.
  • What is individuality?
  • Working systems.

Topics covered in this video (Part 4): 
  • New things = Expedient growth.
  • What is an IQ test?
  • Human behavior and the monetary system.
  • Adjustment to culture.
  • Happiness, future, today's standards.
  • Happiness versus security with the physical world.
  • Saner versus sane.
  • What is sane?
  • Culture and conditioning problems.

Topics covered in this video (Part 5): 
  • Balance.
  • Associative disease.
  • Touching all parts of changing value systems.
  • Brain work versus brain responses.
  • Human laws versus natural laws.
  • The trap of time and culture.
  • Arrested development.
  • Emotional problems versus relating problems.
  • Depression.
  • 'Normal' people.
  • The logic of knowing what you REALLY want.
  • Associative systems that correlate with changing conditions.
  • Holistic words.
  • Knowing EVERYTHING = knowing truth.
(Make sure you watch the ending, you might get a *smile* out of it)

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