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The Differences Between the New World Order Agenda and The Venus Project (offering a Resource-Based World Economy) ~ KNOW YOUR FACTS

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If you are a person who is aware of the words "New World Order" likely you get very disturbed at any idea offering "One Global Economy" or "World Cashless Society". I always been interested researching in great depths anything to do with the New World Order. As they say; "KNOW YOUR FACTS".

After doing extreme research on The Venus Project, this is my discovery's about the difference between what the New World Over agenda is and what The Venus Project is offering:

One World Currency/ Credit System:
  • 1. The New World Order wants to use technology to control the world population via computerized micro-chips and/or ID cards without money involved. A cashless society. In other words, they have complete control over your purposing power since you don't have any other options. If you get out of line, the computer tells the clerk that you are denied access. Much like when your credit card is declined because there is no credit available to purchase the resources you are buying. As a result, much like what we have now, except worse and on global scale.
The Venus Project, however, offering a Resource-Based World Economy in which all goods and services are available WITHOUT the use of money, credits, barter or any other system of debt or servitude. As a result, WITHOUT ANY form of money or credits: it terminates ALL forms of manipulation and control!
In other words, nothing acts like a medium between you and the resources of life. You have free access to ALL the resources of life without ever having to prove who you are or having any credit system attached to your name, no id's of any sort are required, no scans to check if you are worthy enough to have access. In a resource-based world economy EVERYONE is worthy to have complete access to everything that life has to offer.

The questions that people usually ask about this are:
How are Resources Distributed Equitably?
How Do We Create Abundance if there is NOT Enough Resources?
Do We have Enough Energy to Eliminate Scarcity?

One World Centralized Surveillance Mainframe:
  • 2. The New World Order agenda wants to have cameras everywhere throughout the globe recording everything. Much like they have in the United Kingdom where an estimated 2 million CCTV cameras are installed. The average citizen is captured by 300+ cameras each day on a normal outing. Britain is the most-watched nation in the world. The UK accounts for one-fifth of all CCTV cameras worldwide. The N.W.O. agenda is to have a sophisticated network of cameras globally installed into one centralized mainframe. Much like what is slowly emerging everywhere now, except on global scale and centralized.
The Venus Project has no cameras installed for surveillance since everything is free there is no reason for anybody to steal anything or watch people. Today, the laws that govern society are not based on truly comprehensive and scientific studies. They are based on opinions and traditional practices. For example, our approach now-a-days to dealing with an increase in crime is to build more prisons, rather than altering the conditions responsible for socially offensive behavior in the first place. The Venus Project offers such a way out of offensive behavior through education and altering conditions through the most logical conclusions based on up-to-date knowledge (in The Venus Project there are no jails, no laws, no authority).

For example, on television, instead of having advertising that conditions people what to believe, what brand to use, what to think; there will only be informative information about new discoveries in technology, cures, inventions and all the information that helps a person to benefit in a more comfortable and humane manner. That covers anything that the WHOLE of society would want to know about.

Whatever else people decide to do based on similar beliefs and ideas, they are welcome. There is no control. In a resource-based world economy society, there is just a realization of what reflects humanity as whole and what is only opinion and belief of a selected few or group.

Here are a few links to research about The Venus Project on this subject:
Ending ALL Crime, Violence and the Need for Police, Prisons, & Laws
The Solution Beyond Government, Politics, and Law

One Global Military Force:
  • 3. The New World Order Agenda is to have military enforcements regulating control. These military operations are to be unified into one global construct. A global military force. Much like what is known as police state or Martial Law. 
  • Traveling would be prohibited unless authorized by the global government. Much like what we have now, as you have seen it is much more difficult to enter some countries, going through a airport is taxing to say the least, and passports take much longer with more restrictions enforced. 
The Venus Project offers a way out of military operations all together by bridging the differences between nations and educating 'soldiers' in the art of reconciliation between social interferences. The Venus Project offers a way to open up the earth so that ALL people can travel ANYWHERE without passports, ID's, or paperwork of any kind.
One World Government:

  • 4. The New World agenda is to form a One world Government, in which there will be one form of currency or way to purchase resources. Complete government control over the world. 
The Venus Project offers a way to move away from politics, government,  presidents, and all forms of leadership and control. One would think that would lead to chaos without some form of government or control, but check this out!
Instead of a government managing things, The Venus Projects simply puts technology where needed. 

For example, picture the department of agriculture as a set-up of computers with electrical wiring into the soil. So when the water level drops, it automatically pumps water out. If the nutrients change, it pumps nutrients. You don't need a President or any governing-body running the country when you have technology monitoring and regulating production, distribution, and agriculture; operating the world systems. 

For more information read: A Society of Cybernated Machines Making Decisions Instead of a Government?

 Also to understand how the government really works and what their job really is (which has nothing to do with the factors of life that matter); read: The Solution Beyond Government, Politics, and Law

The Main Question I get the most when bringing up the idea of a computerized system instead of a government is "if everything is computerized, then can't the system by hacked and controlled?". If this worries you, please read: What Are the Safeguards Against Abuse of Power in a World Resource-Based Society?
AND Addressing a Very Important Question about the Control of a One World Cybernated Computer
Global Depopulation:
  • 5. The New World Order Agenda is to wipe out most the population, so it's easier to control. Sources say their agenda is to depopulate 5.5 billion people (some sources say less or more). There are many theories how this will be done, but most agree that they have been doing this slowly over the decades through chemicals like: gluten, high fructose corn syrup, GMO, fluoride, flu-shots, and many other poisons in water, soda, diet supplements, and food that most digest on a regular bases. More over, even some sources say that most diseases were human created to depopulate us.
The Venus Project DOESN'T advocate killing ANYONE. Food and nutrition would be based upon personal preference but everyone would have full access to up-to-day knowledge based on everything anyone would want to know about what they are digesting. For example, if studies indicate that eating living animals are detrimental to health the information would be there for all people.

The Venus Project also has a solution to overpopulation and curing ALL diseases
Addressing other misinformation: 
1. The Venus Project doesn't mean "Venus" as in Lucifer. It's called "The Venus Project" because Jacque Fresco (founder and director of T.V.P.) lives and conducts his ideas and projects from his home located in Venus Florida.

2. The Venus Project is NOT funded by the U.N. or any other corporations or entity, everything is done through inventions, models, and donations. Jacque does NOT own a helicopter (he doesn't even own a vehicle).. the picture you see of him next to a helicopter was landed there by a business man who came to see the tour located in Venus Florida.

If you enjoy sarcastic humor, this video will be informative and fun to watch:

"Once we join together and proclaim all earth’s resources as the common heritage of all people (A Resource-Based Economy), we will begin to know what it means to be civilized. Until that time we will be continuously fighting for a piece of the pie." ~The Venus Project
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"The system I advocate A Resource Based World Economy is not perfect! It’s just A LOT better than what we have, we can NEVER achieve perfection!" ~Jacque Fresco

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