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The Problem with Value Systems & the Only Solution ~Jacque Fresco

"The killing of Osama Bin Laden, is a failure to me because the negative retractions that will be enormous, the amount of hatred, and the amount of people that will die as a result of that. The killing of one man NEVER destroys a value system, only destroys that person, but the value system goes on.
Racism, bigotry, stupidity; are part of the problem. "Stupidity" means lack of information regarding certain types of problems. When you read in a book that "revenge is sweet" and if that takes a system, it hurts people. Therefore, all that type of literature has to go. To the extent that we rise our children with artificial values, is equal to the extent of harm in the future. You think "well, they are only children. I don't think it is that necessary." War, guns, positions of guns; are partly nurtured by our culture. Guns give people are sense of power, a false sense of power.

Real sense of power is the delivery of information that is relevant to people. Of course, you don't sense it right away, you don't sense a glorious feeling by doing that but really it is a long-term investment. All short-term investments may appear to solve problems but they only perpetuate problems into the future.

A major problem with the world's people today is that they believe that human values, behavior, and decisions are made within a human being. Actually this is not the case and is the major cause of most of the world's problems. Actually it is the environment people are rendered in that shapes values, behavior, and decisions.

If you cannot understand that, think of the language you use, the values you have, or the attitudes about "the good old USA"... if you were brought-up in Iran, your value system would be different. Your language would be different. Therefore, it is not WITHIN the human being to know the difference between what you would call operant behavior or useful behavior or useful values. All your values are inculcated by environment; the books you read, the motion pictures you see, the role models you have... therefore human beings are not, are NOT responsible for their values. Values are learned. If you don't understand that, you should become more familiar with effects of environment on human behavior.

The very fact that they would burn "witches" in Salem Massachusetts means that within that area such people were brought-up to believe in that value system. The notions of heaven and hell come from books and other people. Your language comes from your environment. Possibility the difference between a Roman and Greek is the environment they are exposed to. If you don't understand that, you need a lot of education, a lot of information and you will have to seek it.

We have to seek information that is relevant to people. Not information that is based on opinion, folkways, hand-down values, or feelings of good and bad... all those feelings of good and bad, right and wrong are all learned, everything is learned. If you still don't understand that, look back on the words you use and you will find that they are words you picked up in your environment. An English man speaks with an English accent not because he is English but because he has been exposed to that environment and those sounds of words. An Australian speaks like an Australian because he is brought up in an environment that uses that dialogue. A Southerner speaks different than a Northerner. We reflect our culture.

Osama Bin Laden is dead but the value system that produced him is not, it's very much alive. That also goes for the Notizies, the Klu Klux Klan, The White Citizens' Council; the value system is still alive. What is needed is not assassinations, not murder, not killing, no armies or navy's to solve problems; what is really needed is a change in our values. I believe, in the bible you will find a section where Jesus Christ says "He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone." I don't know what the word sin means, but I do know this: erroneous values can cause unbelievable suffering amongst people. And our nation, among other nations are mainly like children that do not have answers, that do not have solutions to problems. Where by many solutions are violent and they do not solve problems. What is really needed is a change in values, not the election of this governor or that governor, there is no change to the values in that.

By change of values, I mean living in accordance to the natural capacity, the natural carrying capacity of the Earth because if we violate that, there are ALL kinds of problems. When you violate the laws of nature, which are really inviolable, they will produce other negative effects. We do not study what the negative retractions will be of the assassination of Osama Bin Laden but we are building a catalog of problem up ahead.

The solution to problems take longer because a sane solution takes many years and that is to arrive at a value system that supports nature, the Earth, and ALL the people that live on this Earth. If they all go off in different directions and evolve different value systems, there has got to be trouble. You cannot solve problems by killing people, although most believe that "revenge is sweet". It is only sweet to the naive and child-like attitudes where by we feel good when we get rid of certain person identified with a problem. That does not solve the problem. If you yourself (as Americans) were brought up in that culture where those values were dominate, you too would support those values. It isn't killing people that solves problems. It's outgrowing values that no longer work and this is what we have to identify.

If you cannot identify the values that do not work, you cannot undo them (they will continue). Only through education can we change human values. What we have to do is approach nations and share with them some of our values, if we can and if you don't know how to do that, you have to find the means for doing that. It is absolutely essential that we find the means for bridging the differences between nations. The nearest thing that I know of that can solve those problems is to arrive at decisions rather than making decisions.

Arriving at decisions means you put all your decisions to test and see if they work. use scientific scales of performance and in that manner we can probably arrive at closer agreements with nations.

All nations need the same thing; clean air, clean water, arable land, medical & health security, and access to food, the necessities of life. If we fail to work together attempting to solve these problems, I feel the problems will continue in much more extreme ways because we are not touch or addressing the actual manifestation of how these values come into being.

It is only through careful study, not feelings of revenge, careful study that will enable people to outgrow systems that are no longer relevant. What is needed is a value system that coincides with the nature of human need. Not only that but humans are part of the environment, therefore, the environment is part of human needs whether we recognize it or not.

How do we go about selecting a value system that makes sense? How do we go about presenting a value system to people who know nothing about such a value system? I think the best way to do it is demonstration with films. In films we can show how a person feels that a volcano is angry, we have to show movies like the sincerity of a witch doctor talking about the solution, show the sincerity of Christians feeding Romans to lions, you have to point out a group of people stoning a woman; we have to show how all of are erroneous in our values due to the early part of our history upbringing. We have to show that we are given a set of values that do not work.

The proof is in the fact that we have war, recession, hunger, poverty, salivation, illness and if our society were oriented to the well being of our fellow human being; I can not see these problems are being dominate. In a society were every man works for himself, individual incentive, working for oneself... if people work for one's self there wouldn't be the electric light, there wouldn't be engines that power our vehicles, there wouldn't be electrification and reservoirs and water purification. These are processes that help all people and processes that help single people is a very primitive value system carried into this century which is really not necessary.

However, it seems people to do not change or improve their value systems until there is utter failure of that value system. People are trained to be scientists tend to pause a little bit before they accept an idea, a little more than the average person. They try to evaluate it and they figure "well a person using the scientific method must be drawing the correct conclusions." You know when you faith in someone and believe in somebody, a scientist doesn't believe in anything, he either accepts, rejects, or holds in the bands; meaning doesn't make a judgment until verifiable evidence is produced (a true scientist that is not working for corporate media).

Killing people is not the solution to any problem at all. War is a massive expression of ignorance.

Good and bad is part of a value system, it has nothing to do with something coming from the inside of a human being. It appears that all evidence shows that intuition does not and is not based upon inner most feelings. It is not based on evidence, it is based on being exposed to erroneous value systems. Most human values, most, are erroneous, except when it comes to mathematics, physics, chemistry; they are more appropriate.

So I would say that you became familiar with particular books and literature that we have on our website it may help you." ~Jacque Fresco (founder and director of The Venus Project)

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